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A way to pay upfront for your travel. UPLIFT

A way to pay upfront for your travel.UPLIFT

How to qualify

  • Budgeting made easy.

  • Must be 18 +

  • Have a USA phone number

  • Household income and last 4 of social security

  • A valid form of payment

  • Trip must be priced between $500 - $15,000

What happens

  • The booking is paid in full immediately

  • I will explain total loan amount(1st payments)

  • Monthly payments amount

  • Estimated finance charge


Information about UPLIFT

  • Uplift runs a Soft credit check

  • Customers can have up to 2 payment plans

  • Customers must be on the trip

  • Uplift is part of the Equal Credit Act (to ensure fair lending)

  • Uplift has 24 hrs customer service

*Customer support handles and deals with all payments

We at Island Vacation Travel Agency LLC hope to gain your support for our brand and I sincerely want to thank everyone for supporting the agency through its growth and survival. I also want to most of all thank you for your continued support and for reading this blog post.

We hope to see you post your pictures on our social media and tag us!!

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