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What Are The Reasons People Visit Saint Lucia?


Why Are So Many People Visiting Saint Lucia?


The island of Saint Lucia is not like any other island in the Caribbean. This island is very interesting, as we have always reiterated. The history alone tells it all.

This island is one of the islands which keep growing in the tourism industry.

5 of the most popular reasons people travel to Saint Lucia are

There is always something to do and see on the island. One reason for repeat visits is sports travel. There are several sporting events taking place in a calendar year. From sailing, fishing, cricket, and golf.

Another famous reason to visit is for the year-round events. The island hosts many annual events including Saint Lucia Independence, Jazz and other music festivals, carnival celebrations, wellness events, and nuch more.

Visiting Saint Lucia means you are going to be in for a cullinary treat. The island is famous for its fishing villages and lush vegetation which, means loads of local fruits and vegetables for you to learn about and try. Don't forget to try our national dish,saltfish and green figs. Take a drink of coconut water to wast things down with. It tasts sweeter when it is from Saint Lucia.

With all these magnificent dynamic backdrops. Saint Lucia is not an award-winning romance destination several consecutive times in a row for no reason. Just ask the celebrities who visit this island in the past like Ludacris (Chris Bridges), Kevin Hart to name a few.

Known for its laid-back ambiance. Saint Lucia is perfect for taking care of one's self. Wellness is a huge thing out there and everyone is smiling. The locals encourage visitors and locals alike to remember life is short and you should enjoy this paradise. We think it is "the water or air". Saint Lucia is south of the equator so you know what they say -" change in the latitude, change in the attitude"

Saint Lucia is one of those islands one should have on their bucket list and planning with a travel professional who knows about the Caribbean can really help you see all it has to offer.





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