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Let's Go Cruising This Summer

Summer is here and it is time to plan your next getaway. Imagine feeling that cool, sea breeze as you sail the Caribbean. Cruising is one of our favorite ways to vacation.

There are several reasons one should consider cruising for their vacation plans this summer.

COVID 19 has greatly impacted travel guidelines. Most recently, the cruise lines are now making it easier for unvaccinated customers to begin cruising again after a nearly 3-year halt.

Some cruise lines have come to an agreement with the CDC to regulate the number of unvaccinated travelers allowed on sailings. For example, Carnival and Princess Cruise Lines have both agreed to allow up to 10 % of their guest to be unvaccinated.

Cruiselines such as Margaritaville At Sea with Grand Paradise does not require vaccination cards. More information will be released from the individual cruise line companies, so be sure to visit their websites for the most current information.

Book a 2-day cruise right now, sailing out of the beautiful Palm Beach, Florida for a wonderful getaway to the Bahamas for 2 days or more.


Margaritaville at Sea Paradise


Paradise Package - $198 | 2 Guests

License To Chill – For 2 - $299 | 2 Guests

Solo License To Chill - $169 | 1 Guest

Boat Drinks


10 alcohol drinks – including beer, specialty cocktails, wine, and any libation chosen.

18% gratuity included.



Reasons to consider Cruises

  • Cruising is an economic way to visit several countries in one trip

  • Current prices are the cheapest they have ever been over the summer

  • Cruise lines are showing great appreciation to travelers with never seen deals

  • Some cruise lines are adapting a more all-inclusive feel to the cruisers

  • Everyone is just too excited to be cruising again!


We have some great cruise promotions going on right now. Book a cruise to the southern Caribbean and explore your destination options. Visit islands like Barbados, Saint Lucia, St Vincent, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, Martinique, etc.

Check it out, book now and win big!




Cruising to the Caribbean has never been so exciting. You can now visit Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, and St Vincent. One can embark Royal Caribbean on the beautiful island of Barbados while visiting islands like Saint Lucia, Antigua, and St Kitts- to name a few. For Caribbean residents, this means that you now do not need to embark on a cruise in Puerto Rico or Florida.



Norwegian Cruiseline has the ultimate cruise deal with an almost all-inclusive deal


Cruise with us to new heights and adventures. We welcome you back to the seas!

It is the right time to cruise, whether it is a Caribbean cruise, South America cruise, Alaska cruise, Mediterranean cruise, Europe cruise, trans Atlantic cruise, transpacific cruise, river cruise, explorer cruise, or a world cruise. We want to send you there. It is time to make your dream become a reality.


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