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It's all about sports travel in the sun


It had been a few years since I heard about Sun 'N Fun event at the Lakeland Linder airport but I had never been there. Years before, I attended a business class at Polk State College Airside Center -which is literally at the airport.I really enjoyed attending classes at this location. Once, I remember taking a drive after class to be a little closer to the tarmac itself.



Being at the airport reminded me of my native island of Saint Lucia. The site of a military jet made me very curious about this event. It was like no other sporting event to my knowledge. I promised myself that I would return to experience Sun 'N Fun live.

Finally, that long awaited day had arrived! Approaching the airport, I could see the traffic, tents, and chairs along the side of the street. I thought to myself, this Sun 'N Fun event might be bigger than I think- it was!



In amazement approaching the airport, there were people everywhere; even in a pandemic. There was so much going on but it was all so well organized and orchestrated.

What a beauty- I thought as I approached the world famous Blue Angels. What a sight, I could see the pride of the Veterans as these aircrafts performed their aerial aerobatics.


From a distance, I could see a B2 boomer .



Meanwhile, planes of all sizes and shapes took off what looked like every 30 seconds to the far end of the runway where to my suprise was no tarmac- it was an open grass field. The pilots amazed the crowds by showing off their stuning skills. Just imagine -seeing these small aircrafts take off and land at the drop of a dime on the natural terrain. This 6 day event is usually held in the spring season. In addition to seeing the fligt shows, there is also a major trade show offering workshops, maintaincece skills, and other foruns about safety, products, and the list goes on. There is even an aviation family fun zone! Everyone who enjoys sport aviation should witness this experience.

Island Vacation recommends sports travelers and aviation enthuisaist to "experience the largest airshow in the southern U.S."!


The parachuters were also something amazing to witness.


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