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Celebrate Your Vacation in Style

While everyone else was stressing during the COVID, it's interesting that IVTA WEAR was created in the summer of the great pandemic year 2020! Crazy!

Let's begin like this. Inspired by his travel agency, the PMGR created the luxury beachwear brand and idea, President Manager of Island Vacation Travel Agency LLC. This travel wear is bought with the intention to bring luxury and comfort.

During the pandemic, I found myself shopping for necessities including luxury travel wear that I have always needed—shirts, jackets, visors, and hats, etc.

I was always confused whether I will be able to run both the agency and the brand properly, but I am glad it worked well so far. I then found a manufacturer through research and initiated to do some business with. However, I wanted to create a separate brand, IVTA WEAR, for travel to compliment the travel agency, and I could feel proud of the brand and quality to wear proudly, which I am pleased to announce, I am! I have a few pieces and plan to get more.

Beach Fit and Body Beautiful

At, finding the right fit size and style is our top priority. We are happy to speak to you over the phone regarding your favorite color, size and style that flatter your figure.

IVTA WEAR is where luxury meets elegance

The luxury travel wear that I introduce is incredible, and I am sure you will love it. It’s where luxury meets elegance. Of course, having an entrepreneurial mindset, research is always foregoing and pivotal. I already created a business plan for when such a time would come to merchandise the brand and business

I am pleased to introduce our baby at Island Vacation Travel Agency LLC!

Enjoy up to 10% off on your first order

IVTA WEAR that's dedicated to luxury & travel

IVTA is a brand dedicated to luxury and travel also on my island Saint Lucia!

We have stocked up the store on and invite everyone to visit and support, please, we also ship to most countries worldwide.

Few are the few lines for the season that we have just launched!

Check it out for these luxury travel wears!

  • IVTA WEAR Saint Lucia

  • IVTA WEAR World Traveler

  • IVTA WEAR Coconut Ain't Just Nut!


We hope to gain your support for our band. I sincerely want to thank everyone for supporting Island Vacation Travel Agency LLC, and it's growth and survival. Most of all, we want to thank you for your continued support for reading this blog post.

We hope to see you post your pictures on social media and tag us at.

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