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Island Vacation Travel Agency Llc, Adventures-Los Cabos, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is a resort city in Mexico located in the southern area of the Baja California Peninsula. It has been rated one of the country's Top 5 Tourist destinations. The experiences there are endless.

Tourists can enjoy family-oriented or adult only beach resorts, villas, golfing, fishing (including the popular "Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore" marlin tournament held in October), boating (from private yachts to party boats, or a trip to visit Land’s End-home to the famous Arch), nightlife, and whale watching during the winter. You can even venture out into the desert to enjoy other amazing activities- this place is a traveler’s paradise.

Flight over Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean Los Cabos, Mexico.

I had the opportunity to experience Cabo in December 2020. The weather in Cabo is generally tropical and desert-like. I would recommend carrying a light jacket- especially for travel between November and April. You can review additional annual weather information here.

Since the onset of COVID 19, travel requirements have changed. Please be sure that you review this information prior to making your arrangements. You can read the most recent information on travel to Los Cabos during COVID at

The International Airport is approximately 25 minutes from the Los Cabos Corridor, the main tourist location where there are many resort options available from family-oriented to secluded luxurious villas to suit your vacation needs. Traveling from the United States, I had to complete a COVID Risk Factor Questionnaire upon arrival and departure. Temperature checks were done routinely. COVID 19 guidelines were well implemented and followed at all visited sites and in tour provided transportation. Riu Santa Fe, one of the family-oriented all-inclusive resorts, operated at 30% capacity to ensure proper COVID 19 protocols could be implemented while continuing to exceed at providing exceptional Mexican hospitality. There were even safety measures taken in the dining areas as well. For example, instead of the typical buffet, only staff were allowed to touch the hot food items. All cold food items were covered individually for visitors to choose from. There are 7 pools at this location, giving lots of space for the visitors to enjoy themselves while social distancing.

As mentioned earlier, there are endless activity options in Cabo. Besides the tequila tasting, I had the pleasure of experiencing some phenomenal ventures. I chose Envatours to book the Land’s End tour with Lunch. On this 45-minute boat tour, you arrive at Marina Cabo San Lucas where a clear bottom boat awaits you. Once onboard, you pass through the marina where you see private

yachts waiting to be chartered as well as high-end resorts like the beautiful Marina Fiesta Resort and Breathless. After reaching the open waters of the Sea of Cortez, be prepared to be fascinated by the sight of nature's beauty where swarms of colorful fish, sea lions bating in the sun, and the surrounding rock formations can be seen.

After the tour, you have time to enjoy some local dining. I would suggest asking a worker from the tour agency- as they are local residents and would know of locations within the area. The recommended pick for me was Barracuda's, an authentic seafood restaurant. It was about a 4-minute walk from the marina. I was extremely satisfied with this choice. The meal consisted of a ceviche appetizer, tuna steak & lobster with steamed vegetables, and a tamarind margarita for a refreshing finish. Great meal for the price.

I met the taxi driver back at the designated pickup area -a gift shop with a wall of bottles to the ceiling containing a plethora of tequila options which also happened to behave a tequila museum.

Cabo nightlife is just as exciting as the day. The other venture was through Cactus Tours. Taking this 30-minute journey into the desert, you have options to do anything from camel or horseback riding, ATV riding, or take a helicopter tour. This place also has a kid’s lounge on site for ages 6 months to 12 years old. With each activity option, they have staff there to be your personal paparazzi as they capture every moment of your experience. You are able to purchase your photos in print or digital form. I decided to go with the camel and ATV tour. I was able to feel like a child as I went riding off-road vehicles on desert trails along a beach and riding a camel in such a scene of serenity. I was even able to spot a whale or 2. Let’s just say I had one “whale” of a time.

A mummy whale and her calf ... Los Cabos, Mexico

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