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How We Traveled Before Requiring Vaccination

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Prior to the COVID pandemic of 2019, traveling at times would be a little complicated but manageable. On the major highways here in Central Florida, the typical commute could have an additional 1.5 hour delay which became more of the norm.

The airport drop-off areas were constantly in motion.

The inside of the airports were packed with people constantly in a rush trying to not miss their connecting flights. Travelers may have worried about not make it to their flight gates in time while slowly passing through TSA knowing that you still had immigration and customs to clear as well. Ah, the good old days!

Now, things have changed and the world is experiencing new times. Has this all happened for better or worse?

Things appear to change every 10 - 20 years.

Because of it's affects on travel, this does not mean that traveling and vacations should not be done be done. They are very necessary for the world's economy and it is also beneficial to the businesses industry.

Our society was moving at a very quick rate in development. The rushing in traffic, at the airports, cruise ports ,and events were absurdly always packed, starting to become an inconvenience for frequent travelers, including myself. To say the least, it was becoming more like work being involved with travel and events-even though it is something that I love.

11th March 2019 was the beginning of the transformation of travel with the overcrowding aspect as well as importance of safety. This was the date that the COVID 19 severity was brought to my attention and when activity in travel industry changed.

As the world closed, I realized this was needed to spark the travel bug in me.

Uncertain about what the future of the world was, one day while exploring our local state parks and trails, my fiance'e and I decided we would take a chance and head to Los Cabos Mexico in December of 2020 . We had been moving around Florida and it seemed pretty enjoyable. The roads were clearer than usual and much quieter.

Our trip to beautiful was over the Christmas holiday. The vacation costs were reasonable with a change to the travel experience. In regards to traveling during COVID19, there were precautions in place such as mandatory mask wearing, sanitizing of hands, and temperature check. This was before the existence of the vaccine

The beauty about this experience was that it occurred while it was easier to move about. There was less traffic on the highways with much less hustle and commotion at the airport. The flights were not packed, customer service was at it's peak, and it was easy to obtain private transfers from the airport to your destination. The bars and pools in hotels all practicing social distancing. Tours were conducted in small groups. Los Cabos encouraged 6 feet social distancing. It was during this time that I began to see how travel had transformed.

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