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Are Face Masks - Your Newest Travel Accessory ? Yes !

It is a new age in time, and we must all adjust to what the new normal will be for travel. This includes hotels currently operating at maybe just 50% capacity, indoor dinning options closed, hand sanitizers around every corner... yes, going forward travel will be different, but change can be good - right?

The good news is, while it might seem like a lot, as long as guests follow the rules, they'll probably come home thinking, "That wasn't so bad... where to next?" We've heard from travel advisors and myself included and staff that they've enjoyed some recent hotel stays, and it was really no big deal and i am off to it again !  

It Is A World Wide Thing! Be Responsible For Yourself And Others!

Things people need to remember:

1. Pack a couple masks. It's not just a mask, it's a new accessory or article of clothing. Maybe a pack of disposables are the way to go. 

2. Know before you go. Make sure guests are fully aware of what's closed at their hotel. Having your favorite restaurant closed could be a real bummer!

3. Learn your destination's restrictions and guidelines. Cities are continuing to open, but you'll also find some are scaling back a bit, be patient and most of all polite and mindful of others.

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